Hi there, this is a quick post until I have something to add in my fuzzer series or the new series I am currently preparing ;)

A while ago one of the groups I follow in facebook published a link that I was interested in, I opened the link and it was only for patrons, So I went ahead and subscribed with 5$ using my paypal account, the page said that I will be billed at the begining of the new month not immediatly.

After that the link immediatly showed up to me and I was able to access the content.

So I wondered what if I went ahead and deleted my subscribtion will patreon charge me the 5$ or may be it will not allow me to unsubscribe until the end of the month, well, it did neither it simply cancelled my subscribtion and I was able to access the content completly free, Also, to make sure that they can't charge me I cut it from the source (paypal).

While this was very easy to discover and take advantage of, I thought I should report this to patreon, as expected they said it's a feature not a bug.

So if you're a creator who doesn't want the patrons content to be accessible for free, make sure to choose to bill upfront.

Here's a screenshot of patreon's response.